-Happy Teachers Day To all of my Best teacher this year 2014!!! ^^

((i really love how they teach the students like me and, they really put an energy on it!! so, keep it up and i love ya!!))

By: [ バナナ牛乳▼状態異常:暗闇 ]
By: [ バナナ牛乳▼状態異常:暗闇 ]


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix ( Kingdom Hearts 2 ) 2/?


“We all of us bear a touch of darkness, just as surely as we bear light. Much as with the twin sets of Crystals. And the darkened underworld that rests beneath your planet’s brighter surface. But as long as there is darkness, so will there always be light.”

-Frozen UP!!! (halloween special)

//good morning bro’s and it’s almost halloween in here tho’ and we have to do something~ XD

I love your blog :)

OMG!!!! A BIG ThAnK YoU!!!
i already know that! WAH!! JoKE!!!

-i have no idea why i draw this….but….hope ya’broz like it ^^

-Lets talk about dota 2 and save our money for the computer shop?? XD
((video is mute cause it’s full of badwords)) oh! welcome to my world in school~


The cold never bothered me anyway.